PTZ Controller Setting Pre-Set Points & Patterns

Note you can only Set Up and Run Tours using the PTZ Keyboard controller or S-Series DVR!

Setup Preset Points:

1)      Make sure that you have a PTZ you are able to control via your DVR or keyboard.

2)      Decide how many preset points you’d like to set up.  Note: The maximum number of presets you can have in one Group or Tour is 32.  You can set-up more preset points but will not be able to tour or group together more than 32 points at a time.

3)      Plot out your tour noting that if you wish the PTZ to go more than 180° between any two points you’ll have to set a middle preset point or the PTZ will always choose the shortest path between points.

4)      Setting up Preset Points on Keyboard Controller/S-Series DVR

  1. To set the preset using our Keyboard Controller see page 9 of your manual.  Using your keyboard, move your camera to the desired preset point.  Enter the preset point number (1-32) and press the [SET PRESET] button.  On the keyboard its LCD display will ask for confirmation, press the [SET PRESET] button a second time to confirm the point or the [CLEAR] button to cancel.
  2. To set the preset points on our Black S-Series DVR press the ‘PTZ’ button on your DVR or remote to bring up your PTZ menu.  Using the arrow keys on the DVR or remote move your camera to the desired preset point.  Enter the preset point number (1-32) and press on the ‘Set Preset’ button to confirm.  The ‘Set Preset’ button is the Flag icon.

Setup Autopan/Tour:

5)      After you have set all your preset points and confirmed that they work it’s time to set up the tour.  To access the PTZ’s menu you simply go to the preset 95 using the keyboard.  You can also simply press [F2] on the keyboard as well.

6)      Under the PTZ menu select the ‘Autopan Set Up’ using the arrow keys/joystick to move up down and the Iris +/- for select/back.

7)       Once you open the Autopan Set up Menu you’ll be give 5 different fields to set.  Below is a brief description of each of setting you’ll need to adjust under the Autopan Set Up.

  1. Autopan Group – Each group is the same as a new tour.  You can have the PTZ remember up to four different tours.
  2. Autopan Index – The Index is which stop of the tour you’re at.  Stop 1 = Index 1 (but not necessarily preset position 1), Stop 2 = Index 2, etc.  Index normally corresponds with the Preset Position but if you want to use the same preset point twice you’ll have to create a new index referencing the old point.  For example: if Stop 1 and Stop 3 on a tour are both the same view (Preset Position 1), Index 1 and Index 3 will both point to Preset Point 1.  If each preset point in a tour is unique AND set in the order you wish to tour the Index will always be the same as the preset point.
  3. Preset Position – The preset point you want to assign to the index point.  It’s recommended to set the preset points in the order you wish to tour so the Index and Preset Position always correspond with each other.
  4. Autopan Speed – How quickly it moves to the next preset point.   You can set the speed anywhere from 1 (slowest) to 15 (fastest)
  5. Dwell Time – How long the camera will stay on the point before moving to the next one.  You can set the dwell time from 1 second up to 128 seconds.

8)      Set each index point to the Preset Position, Autopan Speed and Dwell time for each stop you want to have on your tour.  After you have set up each index you have to set the next index to   ‘—‘ to tell the PTZ it’s the last point in the tour and to go back to the beginning.  For example if your tour has 8 Stops you’ll want to set Index 9 to ‘—‘ so once the PTZ finishes with Index 8 it knows to go back to Index 1 and start over.

9)      Exit out of the PTZ Menu until you can see a clear image with no text on the screen.  Punch the group number you setup (1-4) into the PTZ Keyboard and press [AUTO PAN] to start your tour.


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