PTZ Camera wiring and setup with TC05 Controller

Before You Install The Camera:


Test it out!  Do not install the PTZ in its final location until you have tested the power, video signal and functionality (Panning, Tilting, and Zooming) of the PTZ.  It’s much easier and less time consuming to troubleshoot connectivity issues before you do your run than after.


Setting up Video & Power:


You’ll need the PTZ, the 24V power supply that came with your PTZ, a DVR and a coaxial cable with female BNC adaptors on each end and a very small flathead screwdriver to get started.


1)      Connect your PTZ to Channel 1 on your DVR via the coaxial cable.


2)      Using the very small flathead screwdriver, loosen the positive and negative terminals on the ‘Power Input’ coming from the PTZ.


3)      Slide the red end of your 24V power supply into the positive terminal on the PTZ and the black end of your 24V power supply into the negative terminal on the ‘Power Input’


4)      Tighten both terminals with the flathead screwdriver and plug in the power adaptor to a wall outlet.  Your PTZ should power on and you should see and image on Channel 1.

If everything is setup properly the connections from your PTZ should look like the following:

Setting up RS-485 Connections on the Camera:


5)      Using your flathead screwdriver, loosen the middle two terminals on the PTZ’s ‘RS-485 Connector’. Connect two exposed ends of a twisted pair cable into the terminals.  Connect the solid colored end to the Blue/White D+ terminal and the striped end to the Black D- terminal.  Tighten both terminals on the ‘RS-485 Connector’.


If everything is setup properly the connections from your PTZ should look like the following:

Setting up RS-485 Connections on the Keyboard Controller: 


6)      If you only need to control the PTZ with just the keyboard simply connect the other end of your RS-485 into the ‘To Camera’ terminals on the keyboard.  Use the first and last terminal (one positive one negative) on the ‘To Camera’ end.


If everything is setup properly the connections from your PTZ should look like the following:

Setting up the DVR:


Silver/Topeka DVR:

7)      On your DVR go to the Main Menu > Link > PTZ and under Channel 1 change:


Model:             PELCO D-TYPE

Speed:                         2400

ID:                    1


8)      Exit the menu saving your changes.  If everything is done properly you should be able to control your PTZ via the keyboard.


Black DVR:

7)      On your DVR go to the Menu > Main Menu > PTZ & RS-485 Setup and under Channel 1 make sure the ‘Enable PTZ’ checkbox is checked and the following settings match:


Protocol:          Pelco D

PTZ ID:             1

Baud Rate:      2400


8)      Select ‘OK’ to exit the menu and save your changes.  Power down and then power back up both the DVR and PTZ. When the PTZ finishes initializing and if everything is set up properly you’ll be able to take control of the PTZ via the keyboard.




1) I’m not getting any video signal on my DVR:


Double check your video connections on the DVR, the power connections and terminals on your PTZ ‘Power Input’ cable, and your 24V power transformer is plugged into a wall outlet.  If both the video and power connections are sound and the PTZ is turned on you should be getting a video signal.  Make sure your monitor is connected and powered.


2) My PTZ isn’t getting any power / MY PTZ isn’t turning on:


Redo steps 2, 3 and 4 from the first section “Setting Up Power & Video” making sure the terminals connecting the power supply to the PTZ are tight.

Try a different wall outlet for the 24VDC adapter and if you’re still having trouble make sure the green piece you can see in Figures 1 & 2 is secure.

Make sure that all fuses are still intact if you’re using a power box to power the PTZ.


3) I cannot control my PTZ


Double and Triple check you’ve followed every step of this guide exactly.  If you miss even one detail of one step you may not be able to control your PTZ.

Check if the positive and negative RS-485 (Twisted Pairs) wires are switched: positive on the DVR goes to negative on the PTZ or vice-versa.  Double check that the solid colored twisted pair is connected to the positive on both ends and the color/white wire is negative.

Gently tug on the twisted pairs at the DVR and PTZ’s terminals to ensure they are secure and snug.

Make sure your settings in the DVR are correct (Protocol, PTZ ID, Baud Rate) and correspond to the dip switch settings in the PTZ (See pages 8-10 in your PTZ manual for more information on dip switch settings).


4) I’m getting an Initialization Error


Please write down the Initialization Error Code(s) and contact your dealer.


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