DDNS dynamic IP setup

What is DDNS?

DDNS stands for Dynamic Domain Name System.  DDNS is used to keep track of the IP address that you use to connect to your DVR when you have a dynamic IP address.  Once you set up a DDNS you’ll never have to worry about remembering the IP address of your DVR and can instead go to a named website like MyDVR.dyndns.org

Why do I need DDNS?

There’s two occasions when you’ll need to set-up a DDNS:

1)      When your IP address is dynamic (constantly changing).

2)      When you don’t want to remember a numbered IP address or simply prefer a named address for yourself or an end-user.

How do I set-up DDNS?

Before you begin:

1)      Make sure your DVR is connected to the network and you are able to connect to it via the viewer software that came with your DVR or via Internet Explorer.  Please refer to our Networking Guide for more information on how to network our DVR.

2)      Make sure you’re using the same internet connection and router as the DVR.

3)      Create an account on DynDNS.com and log-in.  Please go to DynDNS.com for more information on how to set-up an account.  After you have an account, please log-in.

Setting up DDNS on DynDNS.com

1)      Once you’re logged in click on the ‘Add Host Services’ link under ‘My Services’.

2)      Create a hostname prefix (it can be whatever you want) and then choose the hostname suffix from the drop down menu to the left.

3)      Click on ‘Your current location’s IP address is XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX’ and it will fill in the IP Address with your current IP automatically.  Note do not use IP in the image below.

4)      Select ‘dvr’ at the bottom of the page under ‘Remote Access For Devices:’.

5)      Click on ‘Add to cart’.

6)      If you have chosen a prefix that already exists it will ask you to change it.  Otherwise it’ll take you to the checkout page.

7)      Click on ‘Proceed to Checkout’ at the bottom of your screen.  Then click ‘Activate Services’ on the next page.  Once your services are activated DDNS is now set-up!


8)      Note: To ensure that your DDNS stays updated we recommend that you download and install DynDNS’s software on a computer that will stay on the same network as your DVR.  For more information and how to download and use this software please go here: https://www.dyndns.com/support/clients/

9)      DynDNS.com and the Update Software are not guaranteed to work nor supported by iVigil.

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