Continuous recording setup

How to setup continuous recording on the S Series DVR:

1) Press the main menu button, and enter the main menu through the initial screen.

2) Select the third icon in the main menu which is schedule setup.

3) Notice the multiple schedule icons on the left with 00:00-24:00 listed.  Most setup’s will only use the top icon, the additional are for custom time/date ranges which are rarely used.

4) Using your arrow keys scroll to the top 00:00-24:00 icon and press select (enter).

5) You will now get the menu shown below, select the check box next to enable schedule record, select holiday towards the bottom and leave everything else default.  Click OK, then OK again.

6) Press the escape button until you are viewing your cameras live.  Continuous recording is now enabled, you will notice a red filmstrip in the center of the live view, this confirms the DVR is recording.

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