E-mail alerts setup

How to setup email alerts on your S Series DVR

1) Press the menu button on your DVR.  Select main menu from the initial screen.

2) Scroll to the bottom left icon, Network Setup, and then select the mail setup button.

3) Once inside the Mail Setup check the enable email notification option.  It is most effective to create an email account specifically to use as a SMTP server, and again Google is our friend here.  If you need to know your SMTP server, just google “gmail smtp server” or “yahoo smtp server”.

4) Once you find your SMTP Server enter it in the first field, example ” smtp.gmail.com “.  Then enter your username which is usually the full domain example@gmail.com.  Then enter your email account password and your email address that you created for the SMTP Server (sender email) that will be sending the notifications to your regular email.

5) Select your trigger events, most people only check motion.

6) Now click the receiver email button.

7) Check the first box #1 and enter the email address you want notifications sent too.  You can send notifications to multiple email address by repeating the above process.

8) You should now receive email alerts whenever motion is detected if you have motion detection enabled in your DVR!

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