How to backup footage using the DVD Burner

User can back-up any segment of recorded data in a specified time frame. To do so,
insert blank DVDRW.

First hit Refresh which will recalculate the available Free Space on your DVDRW

Then put in your Start time and End time
From =Backup file starting time
To= Backup file ending time
Select the device you want to use, USB/DVDRW as the backup device or (From remote site, the device will be PC.)

Then hit Calculate which will calculate the size of backup file with your data entered
Then hit Start
Start backup operation. Be sure to calculate the size of backup file BEFORE
operating backup.
NOTE! Do not try to eject disk or turn off the DVR during the backup process to avoid
unrecoverable error. When backup is completed, insert disk into computer to insure backup was complete.

iFileplayback.exe will be on the DVD after you back up, please run .exe file to view data


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